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The AK47 and Silenced Sniper (server 3 only) are NOT Traitor-only weapons!

  1. No ghosting, "hacking" or cheating - 1. 3-Month Ban
  2. No racism or prejudicial behaviour - 1. Mute; 2. Kick; 3. Hour Ban; 4. Week Ban; 5. Month Ban
  3. No casual use of racial/prejudicial names and curses in public chat - 1-2. Warning; 3. Mute; 4. Kick
  4. Occasional swearing is allowed but no abuse or offensive behaviour towards other players - 1. Warning; 2. Kick; 3. Hour Ban; 4. Week Ban; 5. Month Ban
  5. If you're new to TTT, press F1 while in-game and read the help text - do not keep asking questions that are answered there - 1-2. Let off; 3-4. Warning; 5. Mute
  6. No deliberate team-killing or random deathmatching - 1. Slay next round; 2. Kick; 3. Hour Ban; 4. Week Ban; 5. Month Ban
  7. Fake kill on sight call-outs by Innocents that result in the KOS'd player dying will be treated as RDM
  8. Use your common sense to determine how strong your evidence is
  9. If someone does damage to you when you are Innocent, it's fair to assume they are a Traitor (unless it was obviously an accident)
  10. If someone does not respond to a live check, this can be evidence that they're a Traitor, but use your common sense.
  11. If someone is preventing you from escaping an explosion, a fire, a trap, etc., killing them to save yourself is fair
  12. Falling for a Traitor's tricks and lies is part of the game and cannot be considered RDM
  13. Mistakes happen a lot in TTT - try to see things from the other person's point of view before accusing them of RDM
  14. No excessive camping or wasting time unless you are forced to - 1. Warning; 2. Whip; 3. Ignite; 4. Slay; 5. Kick; 6. Hour Ban; 7. Week Ban; 8. Month Ban
  15. Claiming areas and killing people just for entering is RDM
  16. You must warn a player three times before attacking them for following you or it is RDM
  17. Do not destroy traitor testers unless you are a Traitor - 1. Let Innos Kill; 2. Slay; 3. Kick; 4. Hour Ban; 5. Week Ban; 6. Month Ban
  18. If you see someone break a bridge without a good reason, push them off
  19. Do not use the !STUCK command mid-round unless you are actually stuck - 1. Slay; 2. Kick; 3. Hour Ban; 4. Week Ban; 5. Month Ban
  20. If you have voice chat disabled you are responsible for any problems it causes, and text chat is just as important as voice chat
  21. No leaving to avoid punishment - 1. Week Ban
  22. English only - 1. Warning; 2. Mute
  23. No spamming the voice chat, text chat or admin chat - 1-2. Warning; 3. Mute; 4. Kick; 5. Hour Ban
  24. Using speakers with a mic causes feedback and is considered spamming. Singing, humming, whistling, using voice changers, etc. on voice chat is considered spamming
  25. No whining or accusing other players of breaking the rules when they're not - 1-2. Warning; 3. Mute
  26. No advertising - 1. Mute; 2. Kick; 3. Month Ban
  27. No trolling in any other form - 1. Warning; 2. Kick; 3. Hour Ban; 4. Week Ban; 5. Month Ban
  28. No trying to make the server lag or crash - 1. 3-Month Ban
  29. If you cause the server to lag you may be kicked
  30. If the server is full, you may be kicked to make room for VIP Members


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