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  1. You must be at least 16 years old to purchase or to use VIP Membership, or at least 13 years old with the direct permission of an admin.
  2. If you have been told by an administrator that you are on the VIP blacklist, you may not purchase VIP Membership. If you do so, your VIP Membership will be removed immediately, but you will not receive a refund.
  3. All server rules apply just as much to VIP Members as they do to any other player. Breaking the rules on one of our game servers means you are breaking these terms and conditions.
  4. You may not pass on any of our passwords to another person or allow another person access to your WSID or game server accounts. Any user authentication details you enter in the VIP Membership settings must belong to you alone.
  5. You may only slay, kick or ban players from a game server, or punish them in any way, when it is appropriate according to the server rules.
  6. You may not lie about another user breaking server rules or WyeSoft terms and conditions, and you should never fabricate or manipulate evidence of it.
  7. You may not remove bans or cancel punishments made by other VIP Members and administrators.
  8. You may not use your administration abilities to cheat.
  9. You may not overuse fun commands, especially ones that can cause the server to lag or crash.
  10. "Unlimited VIP Membership" means that the buyer's VIP Membership time will not expire. It does not mean that the buyer's administrator abilities are unrestricted.
  11. VIP Membership upgrades purchased on the MTA:DayZ with shop points are permanent, but only have effect while your VIP Membership lasts. If your VIP Membership expires, the upgrades will not work until you have topped it up.
  12. You may not change any server settings other than those explained on our administrator instruction pages.
  13. You may not connect to any of our servers with administrator tools other than those specifically approved on our administrator instruction pages.
  14. Admins are above you on the chain of command so they have the final say in any server-related matter.
  15. Your VIP Membership may take some time to register on all relevant game servers. It will usually register when the server next changes map but may sometimes take longer.
  16. The WyeSoft game servers may not be available 100% of the time.
  17. Although you may have access to reserved slots on some servers, WyeSoft cannot guarantee that there will always be reserved slots available, as the server may sometimes be full up with VIP Members and admins.
  18. No refunds can be given for VIP Membership time once purchased, unless the service is discontinued before your membership has expired, in which case the remaining time will be refunded. Unlimited VIP Membership purchases cannot be refunded unless the service is discontinued within three months of the purchase.
  19. If you break any of the WyeSoft Terms and Conditions or the VIP Membership Terms and Conditions, your VIP Membership will be revoked, without any notice and without any remaining time being refunded.
  20. Your administration abilities cannot be used on other VIP Members or admins. If you witness another VIP Member breaking the rules, please send us their details using the Contact WyeSoft form.
  21. Never impersonate another player, not even as a joke.
  22. WyeSoft reserves the right to revoke your VIP Membership, without any notice and without refunding you for remaining time.
  23. If you are already on our VIP blacklist when you purchase, you will not receive VIP Membership but you will still be charged.
  24. WyeSoft reserves the right to make changes to or even remove any of our game servers at any time, without giving any notice.
  25. WyeSoft reserves the right to make changes to or even remove the VIP Membership system at any time, without giving any notice.
  26. WyeSoft reserves the right to make changes to these terms and condtions at any time, without giving any notice.
  27. Each time you connect to a server associated with WyeSoft, you are automatically agreeing to the most recent updates to these terms and conditions.


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