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First, choose a location in the outside world for the entrance to your house. You may want to use the Freeroam server to find a spot. The only rules about house positioning are that the entrance must be made in a doorway or window (or something else that could be used as an entrance) that doesn't already lead somewhere, and it cannot be made in Area 69 or inside another interior. When you've chosen your entrance location, stand by the door (not too close and not too far away - about half a metre from the door is best) and enter /CREATEHOUSE in the local text chat (press T).

Now your house is created. You can enter it by standing in the doorway and pressing F, just like any other interior. People without a key to the house can't see the doorway pop-up message, so you shouldn't have to worry about people finding your house and camping outside, unless you lead them straight to it.

To change the interior from the default (4), enter /HOUSEINT n, where n is a number between 1 and 18. You can change interior while you are inside, so you can cycle through them all fairly quickly and decide which you like best.

You can give permanent keys to up to three of your friends (or more if you purchase extra keys) when they are online by entering /PKEY name - example: /PKEY DAVE (partial names work). You can also give out as many temporary keys as you like by entering /TKEY name [mins] - example: /TKEY DAVE 5. Temporary keys last for the amount of time specified in minutes (or 30 minutes by default) or until the keyholder logs out. To take a key away again, use /TAKEKEY name - example: /TAKEKEY DAVE. For a list of players that currently have keys to your house, enter /KEYH. Keys to VIP houses do not appear in your DayZ inventory, so they cannot be stolen.


You can change the entrance location of your house by standing in the new location and saying /MOVEHOUSE, but there is a cooldown period of 24 hours to stop people abusing this command and moving their house every time they want to access it. You can change the interior of your house whenever you like, without losing your tents, using /HOUSEINT n.

You can move tents around inside your house (or teleport them to a new interior) by entering /MOVETENT tent-id - example: /MOVETENT 132. The tent will appear in front of you, as if you had just pitched it from your current position. Tent IDs are displayed on the inventory window when you are looking at the contents of a tent. You can also see a list of all the tents in your house by entering /TENTS. The number at the beginning of each line is the tent ID.

You can set a message to be displayed to people when they enter your house with /HOUSEMOTD message. Use \n for a new line. Example: Welcome!\nTake anything you need!

If, for some reason, you want to completely remake your house from scratch, or you don't want a house anymore, you can destroy it and all of its contents by saying /DESTROYHOUSE.


It is now possible to purchase permanent upgrades for your VIP Membership and house with shop points (enter /VUP for the list). Additional permanent keys can be purchased for 200 points each, allowing you to give out keys to more than three of your friends. Several extra interiors can also be purchased.

A second entrance and third entrance can be purchased for 2000 points and 3000 points respectively. These can be placed anywhere on the map and can be moved by entering /MOVEHOUSE2 or /MOVEHOUSE3, although they share the 24-hour cooldown with /MOVEHOUSE, so only one entrance can be moved each day. You can set each entrance to a different interior (/HOUSEINT1,/HOUSEINT2 and /HOUSEINT3), effectively giving you multiple houses, or you can set them both/all to one interior (/HOUSEINT), giving you one house accessible from multiple places. You cannot use the additional entrances to teleport from one location to another, as exiting the house will always return you to the location you entered from.

Shop points can be earned via the levelling system or the leaderboards, or they can be purchased.


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